How To Use Skylight Card?

Netspend Skylight One prepaid card makes it easier for people without a bank account or credit card to make online payments. No matter where you are currently located, you can easily make bill payments online with the help of the SkylightPayCard. Not just online payments, you can use the card on all offline merchant locations as well, such as gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.


If you are confused about how to use your Netspend Skylight One prepaid card, then in this article we explain to you the various ways you can utilize the balance on your card for daily spending.

How to Use SkylightPayCard?

The Netspend SkylightPayCard can be used just like any other credit card or debit card. At the merchant site, you need to swipe your card or enter the card number/CVV. If you’re swiping your card, then the PIN associated with your card needs to be entered. If using online, then the One-Time Password sent to the registered mobile number must be used to complete the transaction.


Below are some of the easy and convenient ways to use your Netspend Skylight One prepaid card.

  • Pay at Gas Stations: You can use the SkylightPayCard in place of a regular debit card or credit card while paying at gas stations. Just like a traditional credit card or certain debit cards, you also end up earning reward points for utilizing your SkylightPayCard at gas stations.
  • Use at Restaurants: The Netspend Skylight One prepaid card can also be used at restaurants to pay for your meals. Also, just like when you make payments at a gas station, you earn reward points for your spending at restaurants as well.
  • Withdraw Cash At Your Demand: You can withdraw cash from your SkylightPayCard from any ATM around the world. There are more than 1 million ATMs that support the SkylightPayCard worldwide. Thus, no matter where you are in the world, you will never face any difficulties in withdrawing cash from your card. Moreover, the official website will show you a list of surcharge-free ATMs near your current location, which saves you from paying any sort of additional amount while withdrawing your cash.
  • Pay Across Online Merchants: Just like its support for offline stores, the SkylightPayCard is also supported across all the commonly used online portals as well. Thus, you can conveniently make online purchases with the Netspend Skylight One prepaid card as well.

How to Check SkylightPayCard Balance 

As you can only use the balance that’s already available within your SkylightPayCard, it is essential that you periodically keep checking your card balance to ensure that you have enough balance in your card to make future purchases.

Below are the various ways to check the balance on your Netspend Skylight One prepaid card:

  1. Use the Online Portal: You can visit the official website and log in using your credentials to get access to your SkylightPayCard account. Here you can access the balance on your card.
  2. Log In to the Mobile App: You can also log in to the Netspend Skylight One prepaid card mobile app for iOS or Android to get access to your card balance.
  3. Send SMS Message: From the mobile number registered with your Netspend account, send an SMS with the text “BAL” to the number 22622. You will get your card balance in response.