Finance Control

The official Netspend Skylight One Prepaid card online portal provides cardholders with an easy and efficient method to register/activate their cards online without requiring any support assistance. Once the registration/activation procedures are completed, the portal also becomes a place where the cardholders can get access to all the necessary information about their SkylightPayCard without any hassles.

SkylightPayCard Finance Control Features


The highlight of the SkylightPayCard is that it provides several benefits of credit cards and debit cards without the users having to apply for a credit card or start a bank account.

To give you a better understanding on what all you get to enjoy when you have a SkylightPayCard, below we have listed out it’s key benefits.

  • Ability to View Past Transaction History: By visiting the official portal, users can easily view all the previous transactions that were made using the SkylightPayCard. Thus, as a Netspend Skylight One prepaid card holder, you can easily verify if all the transactions on your card are valid or if any fraudulent transactions were made without your knowledge.
  • Pay Bills Easily: The official SkylightPayCard portal also functions as a place which you can use to pay bills online. You can settle bills related to electricity, water, internet, phone, etc. all from within the portal. You can also set up auto-pay functionality to automatically settle the bills without you having to worry about it.
  • Withdraw Cash from SkylightPayCard: You can also withdraw cash from the account balance in your SkylightPayCard. Even though some ATMs will charge you a service fee for withdrawing cash using the SkylightPayCard, visiting the official website of Netspend Skylight One prepaid card will give you with a list of ATMs from which you can withdraw cash using your SkylightPayCard and without paying any additional processing/service fee.

With the ability to use similarly to a traditional debit card or credit card, as well as the functionality to withdraw funds from over 8,800 global locations, the SkylightPayCard is a great alternative to people who wishes to get their salaries paid directly to a card without having to open up a bank account.

One important point to note is that, just like using any other credit card or debit card, some transactions made using the SkylightPayCard may incur additional charges, and that is totally dependent upon the platform where you are making the payment.

Also, as the SkylightPayCard is basically a prepaid card, you can only utilize funds that already exist in the card. If you exceed zero balance and overspend, then an overdraft fee will be added on your card, which will then be debited the next time your SkylightPayCard have enough balance.

How to Report SkylightPayCard as Stolen or Lost?

If you wish to report your SkylightPayCard as lost or stolen, then you can give a call at the number 1-888-606-9800. Even though it is recommended that you call the given number to report stolen/lost card, in case you are getting a delay in response, then it is also recommended to write an email stating the same to